November: Holiday Stressbusters, Light Up a Life Campaign and More!!

Ahhh-laska! Love this photo I took while in Glacier National Park in Alaska this summer. As i learn more about how to best post in this medium I hope to include images that convey much joy and peace. May each Chiropractic adjustment allow you to feel a sense of ease and reflection on the magnificence of life and nature’s wonders outside and within you! - Dr. Nalyn

Wow, mid November and our first snowstorm. Hope you all got home okay. Lehigh Valley was hard hit last night and we closed early for safety and still took more than 3 hours for me and Donna’s 9 miles commute! Stressful for many travelers. With the holidays fast approaching I thought i’d give some spinal hygiene tips and then add in our practice events coming up!! Here goes!

NO-vember!! I Love that the first two letters of this month are a reminder as the season of thanks and giving bear down on us; No-vember is a good reminder to not say YES to every party, event, social, or to-do that comes your way. Pick and choose wisely and leave yourself time to celebrate the reason for the season. Less: shopping, running around and over indulging. It’s a a holiday not a holiDAZE. More down time, quality time and careful planning and you’ll be physically and emotionally less stressed and healthier for it.

Spinal Hygiene TIps. Wrap any gifts on a table, counter or awesome, adjustable ironing board. Online shop and wrap when you can, save time on lines at the post office. Slowly warm up your body before hanging lights, shoveling and the ever popular, dragging of boxes from the basement or attic. Ask for help! Go simple this year and see what eliminating does for your ahh.

Travelling? Take your own pillow or try to duplicate it with towels when you arrive. ask for help with overhead compartment bag storage when flying. This all adds up to less spinal stress. Plan your adjustments after you return from your travels. Water water well and often to stay hydrated.

Office Happenings! Great fun with our Orange gift basket, so many of you participated! Congrats to Susan M. All it takes is one ticket! Lots of new patient referrals too, so sharing the office with others is great at this time of year. Light Up a Life is our theme of giving this year and you'll have an opportunity to take a tag from our office tree and bring in a wrapped gift for a person in need from Safe Harbor’s Wish List. Thank you.

Watch for the next calendar as the annual office Holiday Cookie Swap has already started taking names! 12 bakers, 12 dozen. 144 dozen cookies! We swap them for you to pick up. gGive as gifts or for a party to share.

That’s all for now. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and know how grateful we are to have you in our practice community. Wishing you all good things. See you on the tables!

Dr. Nalyn