Born in the Big Apple and raised right across the Hudson River with her 4 younger sisters, Dr. Nalyn Marcus grew up with strong family and civic values. A natural love of making a difference and caring for others was instilled. Dr. Nalyn received her first chiropractic adjustment at age 17, although she recalls an overlooked neck injury at a family picnic 4 years earlier, and sudden onset of asthma and allergies.  Regular chiropractic care began, but her calling to attend chiropractic school herself was realized years later. With strong communication skills, a science background, a unique desire to combine service to others while raising a family, becoming a  Chiropractor was a perfect fit.

Dr. Nalyn Marcus received her B.A. in Biology and Minor in Chemistry from New Jersey City University In 1990, Dr. Marcus earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. She was very involved as a student, attending the World Congress of Chiropractic Students conferences in Australia and California and was recipient of the BJ Palmer Philosophy Distinction Award at graduation.

Relocating to the Lehigh Valley, she  opened Marcus Family Chiropractic on Schoenersville Road until 2007. When the opportunity to purchase property on Eaton Avenue came along, a vision of an open, natural light space surrounded by nature unfolded. After much remodeling, and the help of many practice families, Dr. Marcus was unpacked and set up to serve in a non-traditional office setting that is welcoming to all ages.

Finding her career path 8 years after college gave Dr. Nalyn the opportunity to live and work in Manhattan and travel, but once chiropractic called her, a new chapter began. She chose to be very active in her college and in the profession as a speaker, mentor and communicator, serving on the advisory board and board of directors for her profession and has spoken to audiences on the local, state and international stage. Dubbed the “idea lady” by her colleagues, she has developed numerous events to help bring the chiropractic message to communities, through local events, health fairs, parades and classroom visits. Thinking ‘outside the box’ for community education has been an enjoyable challenge. Creating an annual “Orange” You Glad You’re Well-Adjusted chiropractic awareness campaign, the Quest for Health Fest in Bethlehem and launching a scholarship (The Sylva Ashworth Scholarship) that assists single mothers in Chiropractic college keeps her spreading inspiration about chiropractic in various ways. She celebrates life daily and welcomes office visits or email to mentor students and new D.C.s !

As a new mom she began to realize having her baby in the office would require some advice from others serving in practice from a women’s perspective. She also realized she wasn’t alone. Dr. Marcus brainstormed with others and the seed was planted! She approached her alma mater with an idea of supporting other women in the profession as the balance of work and home, doctor and mom was a challenge. The result was The Women in Chiropractic Jam Sessions, which she proudly hosts annually. A team of women doctors facilitates round tables as part of continuing education credits for Sherman College since 1998. Some awards include:

  • Chiropractic Career Advisor of the Year

  • Service to the Profession

  • Spirit of Sherman Award 2007

  • Sherman’s College’s Chiropractor of the Year

  • 1999 ATHENA Award recipient

  • Past President of the Sherman College Alumni Association.

  • Advancement Coordinator, Boy Scout Troop 24

  • Ph.C. Honorary Doctor of Chiropractic Philosophy

    Dr. Marcus is a frequent featured speaker at numerous seminars both nationally and internationally. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations, Sherman College’s Distinguished Board of Regents. Locally she has volunteered her care to moms and children at a local women’s shelter since 1998.  In 2003, she was invited to help hometown Crayola Crayons celebrate its centennial of color and designed a float for the parade. Practice members and community support created a giant orange saxophone/spine for the occasion!

Her personal life balances include family time, travel. gardening, theatre, photography, writing and singing with the Lehigh Valley Chorus, an award winning women’s a Capella group that performs and competes regionally.